Privacy policy

“Kurp.es” aims to ensure fast and convenient browsing of events for all users of the platform, allowing to find the desired events and entertainment opportunities. All registered platform users agree with “Kurp.es” terms and conditions.


System – the “Kurp.es” platform also includes all sections and subdomains of it.

Registered user – applies to any legal person represented by individual or an individual who have registered in the system.

Data storing in “Kurp.es” platform

We care about data security and privacy, so we collect, store, process, transfer, and use your personal information, only as indicated in this chapter.

After authorization in the system with Facebook, the “Kurp.es” platform stores the following personal data:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Profile picture
  • Event likes
  • Tag subscriptions

Storing data is aimed at improving the experience for register user allowing one to browse liked events in the profile section “My Saved Events”. For a personalized registered user experience, the profile section displays its name, surname, and profile picture. Data is stored in our database only, it's not transferred to any third parties nor event organizers.

We store the information for as long as it allowed in the Law on Human Rights and Data Protection, or until it is up to date for its conservation purposes.

If you provide any personal information of a third party, we assume that you have obtained the necessary consent of the third party concerned to share and transfer the information.

We collect anonymous aggregate data to improve page functionality, such as the number of events views. We share this data with organizers in order to allow them to improve the quality of their events.

For additional questions, please contact us by sending e-mail pasakumi@kurp.es.

Registered user rights

  • To change, revoke, or restrict usage of stored user information at any time by contacting us via e-mail;
  • To request all the personal data we keep;
  • To request complete deletion of user data from the Kurp.es system and database.

Metadata terms

“Kurp.es” is entitled to collect data on a website user using cookies (“cookies”) to improve the services available to users.

In case of other questions or uncertainties, contact us at pasakumi@kurp.es.